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Tax Deductions for Hairstylists

Help! What expenses are tax deductible?

Knowing which business expenses are or are not tax-deductible can be overwhelming. You certainly don't want to get them wrong on your taxes.


It's with you in mind that I created a checklist that categorizes all the areas of expenses for most  hairstylists. 

Please connect with a reputable CPA or tax professional to confirm accuracy of this checklist as the tax laws and regulations can change.

Tax Deductions for Hairstylists

Click here to download

Sherri Brodie

Thank You!

Hi, I'm Sherri, and I'm so thrilled you downloaded my free Tax Deductions for Hairstylists checklist!


I hope this checklist will help you as you keep track of your receipts and expenses throughout the year. 


Be sure to check with your tax professional to confirm the accuracy of your deductions as tax laws and regulations change from time to time.


It is my greatest joy helping stylists just like you as you build your business and continue on your journey to success.


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