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Trimming the Ends



Stylist Tools

Pivot Point
Sherri Brodie On Point Hair Academy

Pivot Point Mannequins

Pivot Point mannequins are hand crafted and ethically manufactured in SA8000 certified facilities that:

  • Guard against forced and child labor

  • Provide workers with a healthy and safe working environment

  • Respect the right of workers to join unions

  • Practice zero-tolerance for discrimination

To receive 10% off your purchase, click the button below and use my promo code: ATHA10 at check out. 

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Shark Fin Shears

Shark Fin Shears' innovative patented handle combined with their Shear Fit™ finger fitting system offers the professional stylist the ONLY true ergonomically designed shear in the world today. 

These are the scissors I use, and I highly recommend them. Use my promo code: OP at checkout and receive the Thinning Shear, Blending Sheer and Razor free! 

Happy Haircutting!



Pros & Cons
On Point Hair Academy Salon Pros & Cons

Salon Pros & Cons

If you’re wondering what kind of salon you should work at, you’re going to love my FREE guide.


You’ll discover the positive and negative aspects of the four most popular salon types to help you choose. And you’ll learn what questions to ask the salon manager before you make your final decision. Knowledge is power.

Start Up Kit
On Point Hair Academy Start Up Kit.jpg

Start Up Kit For The Struggling Stylist

Go From Zero to Booked Within 6 Months!


If you’re having trouble finding (and retaining) clients, you need my FREE Start Up Lit!


You’ll learn proven tips and strategies to not only fill your chair with ideal clients but you’ll discover how to keep them coming back. In no time, you’ll have the confidence you need to Own Your Chair like a pro!



On Point Hair Academy Bootcamp

Classic Haircutting Workshops

If you're struggling with haircuts outside your comfort zone or have a hard time duplicating haircuts, our Haircutting Workshop is for YOU!

Imagine two whole days of career-changing hands-on hair cutting mastery under the creative direction of On Point's Founder and Educator, Sherri Brodie!

You'll learn how to turn complicated haircutting methods into simple, easy-to-grasp techniques so you can create beautiful and consistent haircuts every time.

Classic Workshop
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