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The Classics of Haircutting online course is currently unavailable for purchase.


I'm excited to share that the course is being moved to a new format that will serve you better! 

Please check back, or if you sign up for my Newsletter, you'll receive updates in your inbox.

Sherri Brodie On Point Hair Academy
Sherri Brodie On Point Hair Academy_edited.jpg

The Classics of Haircutting
Online Course

The most comprehensive yet easy-to-learn method for precision haircutting mastery.

This self-paced online course offers step-by-step instructions that will revolutionize the way you approach haircutting. You’ll be able to unleash your creativity as you master artistic disciplines and reclaim your confidence behind the chair!

Sherri Brodie On Point Hair Academy

Inside The Classics of Haircutting, you'll get:

6 Modules showing you EVERY step you need to cut the three basic haircuts that create all haircuts.

A Bonus Module demonstrating a complete haircut using all the techniques you'll learn in the course.


Downloadable course workbook.


Downloadable drawn head sheets for each module.

Certificate of Completion.

Inside The Modules, You'll Learn These Techniques...

Pixie Bob Haircut

Module 7

Pixie Bob (Bixie)

This last haircut brings together all the techniques you've learned!

My educational experience with Sherri was the foundation of my career in the beauty industry. She extensively trained me on hair cutting with precision techniques that gave me the structure needed in haircutting to be able to tackle any shape of cut in my chair. The precision in cutting is the difference between a cut that lasts and looks great at every stage of the grow out period so clients could expect a great shape throughout the duration of the haircuts life.


Sherri also educated me on being an expert in styling and recommending retail to my guests so they could recreate the shape I’d given them themselves at home. I became an excellent retailer through her education and was always one of the top retailers in the salon. My experience with Sherri shaped me as a stylist and catapulted me into a successful hair dressing career which has since turned into a career of owning salons as well. Her ability to teach is a tremendous gift and it is a privilege to be able to learn from under her.


Sherri you will always hold a special place in my heart and I will be forever grateful to you!!!

Annie Miller Nash + Co
On Point Hair Academy Bootcamp_edited.jpg
"This workshop was an eye opener for me and helped me to better understand how to achieve a clients desired style by using a structured, more organized approach to the techniques. This class has shown me what to look for and identify what a client might be asking for and most importantly, how to create the look by following Sherri's disciplines in haircutting as well as being consistent with every cut each time the client comes in. I feel much more confident in my abilities to perform a haircut and am so appreciative of all that I have learned in this workshop." 

Trisha W, AZ

On Point Hair Academy_edited.jpg
"From beginning to end we were taught the basics of a client in our chair to the ending of how to blow dry the proper way! Sherri took the time to help us from parting the hair all the way to the end of a service! She even explained certain situations and how to handle them because let's be real clients can be challenging! Over all I am very impressed by her!" 

Elaina H, AZ

Sherri Brodie Workshop.jpg
“I absolutely loved this class. Being in the industry for a little over a decade and a self-proclaimed “visual cutter” – the way this class broke down techniques I have been able to retain until now is amazing! I also saw my younger coworkers thrive under the instruction of Sherri and have taken on their haircut clients with a new confidence. She is an OG !!”

Anna C, CA

Frequently Asked Questions


What tools will I need for this course?


  • Regular pair of shears

  • Blow dryer

  • Deman brush

  • Vent brush

  • Cutting comb

  • Clips

  • Water bottle

  • Mannequin head

  • Mannequin stand


What else will I learn in this course?


In addition to learning the artistic disciplines and foundations for the three haircuts, you’ll also  learn styling techniques.


How much time will it take me to get through this course?


This will depend on you. I recommend watching each module in its entirety and then re-watching while you are working on the techniques as well as on your mannequin. Be sure to start and stop the video so that you are doing exactly what is being demonstrated in the module.


Then I recommend doing it again from memory before moving on.


Everybody learns differently but on average, I would give at least a week per module to thoroughly absorb and retain the information.


Where’s the best place to purchase a mannequin and stand?


Pivot point is the best place to order a good mannequin head. Their stands are the sturdiest from my experience. Use promo code OPHA to get 30% off your purchase.


Is this course only good for a new hairstylist?


Absolutely not! This course is a great refresher for the stylist that is getting back into their career or feels like they need some inspiration.


It is always good, no matter how long you have been doing hair, to get back to the basics as a refresher at times.

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