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I don't know how to find new clients.

I don't know how to tell a client that the hairstyle they want won't look good on them.

I don't know why clients aren't rebooking when they say they are happy with my services.

I wish I didn't feel so nervous when I'm asked to cut a short hairstyle.

Throughout my years as an Educator, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard statements like these from stylists all over the country.


If I were to look back and find one common trait all those stylists had, it would be that they lacked confidence.


You might be great in some areas of your business, but if you aren’t confident in all the major areas of your business, you’ll have a hard time crushing your career goals.

You may have mastered haircutting and color but if you don’t know how to:

  • get clients in your chair

  • create an exceptional customer experience

  • communicate effectively with your clients 


there won’t be anyone in your chair to enjoy your masterful skills.

That's why I started On Point Hair Academy and created my Own Your Chair signature course. I can help each stylist no matter where they are in their journey because we are all different, and we all face our own unique struggles.

On Point Hair Academy

What does On Point Hair Academy offer?


In-Person training including:


Online training including:

  • Phone or Zoom coaching sessions

  • Look & Learn technical skill demonstrations


NOTE: I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and host hands-on classes and two-day bootcamps here.


But don’t worry . . . I am also traveling to other states to teach classes in various salons. If you would like me to host hands-on classes or my two-day bootcamp in your salon, Contact Me for more information.


Coming soon...

Online monthly membership program will include: 

  • Each month will showcase a topic to build your confidence

  • A private Facebook or Forum for support and live Q & A

  • Technical skill demonstrations

  • Inspiration, motivation and accountability

Others Products & Services offered:

Jack Winn Hair Products for Licensed Stylists

Free Mini Course - Learn to Master 3 Types of Bangs

Hiroki Scissors - Be sure to get my discount!

Read my blog for tips and tricks for hairstylists.

Grab my free

Start Up Kit for Struggling Stylists

Get my free Salon Pros & Cons guides to help you choose

Own Your Chair

What does Own Your Chair offer?

Online Self-Paced Courses

Coming Soon...

Online self-paced courses:

Own Your Chair – my in-depth signature course will include:

  • Brand Your Chair – Discover how to build a trusted brand

  • Style Your Chair – Focus on the services you love to do the most

  • Fill Your Chair – Book yourself solid with ideal clients

  • Rock Your Chair – Master your client relationships 

  • Technical skill demonstrations with downloadable guides

  • In-depth, step-by-step strategies and tools for success

  • Support, inspiration and motivation


Additional topic-specific courses will be available

What's included in the Own Your Chair course?

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the categories and topics that will be covered in my online courses.


Clarify Your Calling

Make sure your business represents the clients you want to attract.


Sharpen Your Skills

Focus on the services you love to do the most and absolutely crush them.


Expand Your Business

Discover how to book yourself solid with clients who keep coming back.


Elevate The Experience

Your work is all about your clients and how you make them feel.

Is Own Your Chair For You?

If you want massive results, it is!

Instead of making way less money than you’re worth,

You could charge top dollar for your services and your clients will gladly pay it.


Instead of jumping into a haircut without a plan and then getting lost,

You could master artistic core disciplines to successfully complete every haircut.


Instead of worrying about your empty appointment book,

You could learn how to identify and find your ideal clients and book yourself solid.


Instead of struggling with client retention,

You could provide the finest client experience that will keep them coming back.


Let's Connect

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If you’re ready to be in charge of your future, click the button now.

I am writing to give a little back ground on Sherri Brodie as a leading professional stylist in this industry as well as one of the leading educators in the field of cosmetology.


I have known Sherri for upwards of 25 years. During that time, she has owned 3 successful businesses in California and Arizona. Sherri is an excellent educator for new stylists to bring them to the level of a seasoned stylist.


She has created many training programs for stylist to hone their technical skills as well as being able to run a successful business. Along with developing programs, she was a top educator for Sebastian, Wella and Aquage which are considered leaders in the professional salon industry.


Sherri’s patience and ability to understand the needs and find a solution are superior. I would highly recommend any stylist who would like to become the top of their profession to enroll in her program.

Oh, you ask how I know all of this?? I was Sherri’s professional salon consultant for 20+ years.

Cathy E.

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