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I don't know how to look at a picture and duplicate the haircut.

I don't want to be known as the master of only one hairstyle.

I've had to turn clients away because I don't know how to cut some of the hairstyles they are requesting.

I break out in a cold-sweat when I'm asked to cut a new hairstyle.

Throughout my years as an Educator, I’ve heard statements like these from stylists all over the country. And the common obstacle that those stylists shared was that they lacked confidence.

So what's the best way to gain confidence?


By learning simple, easy-to-understand techniques and then practicing, practicing, and practicing some more. And it's equally important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

And where do you find that kind of education and support?

Right here!

It's why I started On Point Hair Academy and my Own Your Chair blog.

I'm here to help you unleash your creativity and claim your confidence behind the chair!

On Point Hair Academy

What does On Point Hair Academy offer?


In-Person education includes:

  • 2-Day Classic Haircutting Workshops for salon owners and the entire crew (minimum 4)

  • 2-Day Classic Haircutting Workshops for a group of independent hairstylists (minimum 4) at your salon or mine


Online education includes: 

  • Mini Haircutting courses for specific hairstyles Coming soon

I'm in Phoenix, Arizona but I do travel to other states for my Classic Haircutting Workshops. 

If you would like me to present my Classic Haircutting Workshop at your salon, Contact Me for more information.


Coming soon...

On Point Hair Academy Membership will include: 

  • Confidence building

  • A private group for support and live Q & A

  • Technical skills demonstrations

  • Inspiration, motivation and accountability

Own Your Chair

What does Own Your Chair offer?



Own Your Chair Blog

Own Your Chair Podcast  Coming Soon

These valuable resources will help you build, grow and maintain your hairstyling business.


Topics that will be covered include:

  • How To Brand Your Chair – Discover how to build a trusted brand

  • How To Fill Your Chair – Book yourself solid with ideal clients

  • How To Rock Your Chair – Master your client relationships 

Others Products & Services offered:

Hiroki Scissors - Be sure to get my discount!

Read my Own Your Chair Blog for free training

Get my free Salon Pros & Cons guides to help you choose

Pivot Point Mannequins - Enjoy a 10% discount!

Grab my free

Start Up Kit for Struggling Stylists

Watch my YouTube videos for more haircutting tips

Is On Point Hair Academy for you?

If you want massive results, it is!

Instead of making way less money than you’re worth,

You could charge top dollar for your services and your clients will gladly pay it.


Instead of jumping into a haircut without a plan and then getting lost,

You could master artistic core disciplines to successfully complete every haircut.


Instead of worrying that you won’t be able to replicate the haircut your client wants,

You could confidently create any hairstyle your client wants.


Instead of feeling insecure and second-guessing your abilities,

You could feel confident behind the chair and know you’ve got this.


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I am writing to give a little back ground on Sherri Brodie as a leading professional stylist in this industry as well as one of the leading educators in the field of cosmetology.


I have known Sherri for upwards of 25 years. During that time, she has owned 3 successful businesses in California and Arizona. Sherri is an excellent educator for new stylists to bring them to the level of a seasoned stylist.


She has created many training programs for stylist to hone their technical skills as well as being able to run a successful business. Along with developing programs, she was a top educator for Sebastian, Wella and Aquage which are considered leaders in the professional salon industry.


Sherri’s patience and ability to understand the needs and find a solution are superior. I would highly recommend any stylist who would like to become the top of their profession to enroll in her program.

Oh, you ask how I know all of this?? I was Sherri’s professional salon consultant for 20+ years.

Cathy E.

Scissors and Comb


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