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Top 5 Tax-Related Tasks Every Hairstylist Should Do Right Away

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Finances and taxes…blah, blah, blah! We're creatives! We're artists! Who wants to sit at a desk and crunch numbers?

I know this subject is never a fun one to talk about but it’s super important for every hairstylist to learn.

No matter what type of salon you’re working at, you still have to run your business. You have business write-offs to claim. And you still have taxes to pay.

Don’t Do What I Did

I’ve been in this industry close to 40 years, and I learned a lot about taxes the hard way. I was busy creating and growing my business but I wasn’t very organized when it came to taking care of my finances.

And then it happened. One year I had to go through an audit! Ugh! It was the worst because I wasn’t prepared.

Even though it was beyond stressful, I learned so much from the experience. And now I can share some insight with you so you can be prepared whether you have to go through an audit or not. (Let’s hope you don’t!)

Here are my 5 top suggestions for managing your business finances:

1. Open A Separate Business Checking Account

Opening a business checking account keeps your business money separate from your personal money. This simplifies your finances and keeps them straight. This also means you won’t accidentally spend your business money for personal purchases.

Co-mingling funds – using business money for personal reasons – is a red flag that could trigger an audit.

2. Organize Your Paperwork

It’s so important to set up and maintain a good filing system. There’s nothing worse than searching through random stacks of paper for receipts that you can’t find! No proof of purchase, no write-off.

Your filing system doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be as simple as an expanding file to keep any business related papers and receipts in one place. Or you may prefer to use an app to scan your receipts so you can be as paperless as possible.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you set up a system that you end up dreading to use, try something else. The best filing system is the one you’ll use!

3. Set Up An Online Booking App

Find an online booking app that’s created specifically for hairstylists. It is a must-have all-in-one booking and business management system. And it’s worth every penny! Think about how much time and money you’ll save with a program that offers tools like:

  • convenient online booking for your clients

  • text and email communication with your clients

  • payment processing for debit and credit card payments