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Magnify Your Hairstyling Performance with Confident Consultations

When I graduated cosmetology school, I had just turned 18 years old even though I looked more like I was 12.


I remember thinking, “How am I ever going to succeed in this industry?” I was young but I was fully aware that when clients sat in my chair, they had no confidence in me.


And it wasn’t because I looked so young; it was because I had no confidence in myself. They could feel it from me, and I could sense it from them.

It was a vicious circle.


Back then, I would just kind of jump in and do things on a whim. I wasn't very organized, and I didn’t think things through. Sometimes I nailed it, and sometimes my lack of planning kicked me hard.


It was when I started working with a mentor who took the time to teach me how to first organize my mind before I began each service that my whole career as a hairstylist changed.


The most significant improvement was that my clients began trusting and respecting me. And that’s because I had more confidence and trust in myself and my abilities.  


My confidence increased as I learned how to organize the action steps in my mind before I started each hair service. And the way I gathered the information to organize those action steps was … you guessed it … doing a detailed consultation!


By taking the time to ask questions, really listen to the answers, organize my thoughts and create a plan of action, I felt confident that I was making the right hairstyle decisions for that client.


The vicious circle was broken!


In the book: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey, 1989), there’s a paragraph that states:


Diagnose before you prescribe. Although it’s risky and hard, seek first to understand, or diagnose before you prescribe. It is the mark of a true professional.


You would not have confidence in your doctor’s prescription unless you had a diagnosis, would you?


In this case, you are the doctor – the Hair Doctor! 😊 And to properly prescribe, you’ll need to ask the right questions.


How? Why? What?


Asking open ended questions instead of just questions that garner a yes or no answer is the key to gaining insight and confidence so you can prescribe the best haircut or color service for your client.


Here’s an example of the type of questions to ask:


  • How much time do you want to spend styling your hair?

  • What do you like most about your current haircut/color?

  • What products are you currently using?


Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful hairstylist-client relationship. By asking the right questions, you not only gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ hair care needs but you also build their confidence in your skills as a hairstylist.


Learn to master your haircut consultations and watch your hairstyling career grow!


To help you on your journey to success, I've created a free PDF that contains a list of consultation questions for both new and returning clients.


This resource was designed to empower you in your hairstyling career. It was created to help boost your confidence and enhance your ability to connect with your clients.


Download my free guide Nailing Your Haircut Consultations now and take the first step towards transforming your consultations and building a loyal clientele.


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