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Haircutting Mastery Workshops

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I hear you!

You need help mastering your haircuts. I know it’s hard to ask for help so I applaud you for your courage.


Haircutting is the foundation of this industry and if you aren't confident in your skills, it will negatively impact the success of your business.


So let’s revolutionize your haircutting skills!


With professional instruction and guidance (that’s where I come in) and lots of practice (that’s where you take over), I KNOW you can conquer your haircutting anxieties with confidence.


Imagine how powerful you’re going to feel when you master the haircut that used to make you want to run and hide. You’ll be able to boldly tell your client, “I’ve got this!”


And I’m confident that you will!

Learn how to master your haircutting skills under the creative direction of On Point’s Founder and Educator, Sherri Brodie!


These workshops are a game-changer!

In my Haircutting Mastery Workshops, you'll learn how to turn complicated haircutting methods into simple, easy-to-follow techniques so you can create beautiful and consistent haircuts time and time again.


I will take you through these techniques step-by-step. As you discover the power of these proven foundations and disciplines, you’ll be able to create and replicate any haircut your client wants.

My roadmap will help you gain the confidence you need to unleash your creativity and full potential.

Sign up for one or more of my Workshops and watch your haircutting confidence soar!

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Upcoming Workshops

Workshops will not scheduled over the summer. Be sure to check back in the fall. If you're on my mailing list, you'll receive updates in your inbox!


My education experience with Sherri was the foundation of my career in the beauty industry. She extensively trained me on hair cutting with precision techniques that gave me the structure needed in hair cutting to be able to tackle any shape of cut in my chair.

Annie M.

This class has shown me what to look for and identify what a client might be asking for and most importantly how to create the look by following Sherri's disciplines in haircutting as well as being consistent with every cut each time the client comes in. I feel much more confident in my abilities to perform a haircut.

Stephanie B.

Sherri took the time to help us from parting the hair all the way to the end of a service! She even explained certain situations and how to handle them because let's be real clients can be challenging!

Elaina H.

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