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Pros & Cons
On Point Hair Academy Salon Pros & Cons

Salon Pros & Cons

If you’re wondering what kind of salon you should work at, you’re going to love my FREE guide.


You’ll discover the positive and negative aspects of the four most popular salon types to help you choose. And you’ll learn what questions to ask the salon manager before you make your final decision. Knowledge is power.

Start Up Kit
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Start Up Kit For The Struggling Stylist

Go From Zero to Booked Within 6 Months!


If you’re having trouble finding (and retaining) clients, you need my FREE Start Up Kit!


You’ll learn proven tips and strategies to not only fill your chair with ideal clients but you’ll discover how to keep them coming back. In no time, you’ll have the confidence you need to Own Your Chair like a pro!

Sherri Brodie

Nailing Your Haircut Consultations

By taking the time to ask questions, really listen to the answers, organize my thoughts and create a plan of action, I felt confident that I was making the right decision for that client.


Asking open ended questions instead of just questions that garner yes or no answers is the key to gaining insight and confidence so you can prescribe the best haircut or color service for your client.


Learn to master your consultations and watch your hairstyling career grow!

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Tax Deductions for Hairstylists

If you're overwhelmed by finances and aren't sure what is and what isn't a tax deduction for your hairstyling business, you need this checklist!

All the write-offs are listed by category in this valuable free downloadable. Getting your finances organized and up-to-date will help you plan and feel more confident about your business.

Be sure to check with a tax professional to verify accuracy as tax laws and regulations can change. 

Tax Deductions
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