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Classic Haircutting Workshop

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Be honest...

How do you feel when a client shows you a picture of a hairstyle and asks you to give them the same cut?


Are you happy to do it because you’re confident you know how to cut that style?


Or does your heart start pounding and your stomach sort of feels funny because you’re not sure you can do it?


Let’s say you’re in the heart-pounding-belly-flopping group and you somehow nailed the haircut in the photo. The real questions is: Can you duplicate that same haircut the next time your client sits in your chair?

If you struggle with haircuts outside your comfort zone or you have a hard time duplicating haircuts, our Classic Haircutting Workshop is for YOU!

Imagine two whole days of hands-on hair cutting mastery under the creative direction of On Point’s Founder and Educator, Sherri Brodie!


These workshops are EPIC!

In this two-day workshop, you'll learn how to turn complicated haircutting methods into simple, easy-to-follow techniques so you can create beautiful and consistent haircuts time and time again.


Sherri will take you through these techniques step-by-step. As you discover the power of these proven foundations and disciplines, you’ll be able to create and replicate any haircut your client wants.

Her roadmap will help you gain the confidence you need to unleash your creativity and full potential.

You chose this industry to create beautiful and consistent haircuts that your clients love and that you're proud of, didn't you? If you're struggling with that, here's your chance to fulfill your dream.

Let's revolutionize your haircutting skills!

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Here's what a few of the participants had to say:

"This workshop was an eye opener for me and helped me to better understand how to achieve a clients desired style by using a structured, more organized approach to the techniques. Before, when I would look at a photo of a haircut, I had very little idea of what techniques were being used.


This class has shown me what to look for and identify what a client might be asking for and most importantly, how to create the look by following Sherri's disciplines in haircutting as well as being consistent with every cut each time the client comes in. I feel much more confident in my abilities to perform a haircut and am so appreciative of all that I have learned in this workshop."  Tricia

"From beginning to end we were taught the basics of a client in our chair to the ending of how to blow dry the proper way! Sherri took the time to help us from parting the hair all the way to the end of a service! She even explained certain situations and how to handle them because let's be real clients can be challenging! Over all I am very impressed by her!"  Elaina

If you truly want to develop the skills and confidence you need to charge top dollar for your haircuts, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!


My education experience with Sherri was the foundation of my career in the beauty industry. She extensively trained me on hair cutting with precision techniques that gave me the structure needed in hair cutting to be able to tackle any shape of cut in my chair.

Annie Miller

I was trained under Sherri as a hairstylist apprentice through my beauty school hours to test for my cosmetology license. After I passed, I worked under her and alongside her for many years. Her attention to details is unprecedented and her ability to have patience and confidence in her teaching is outstanding.

Lacy Hough

Sherri is an excellent educator for new stylists to bring them to the level of a seasoned stylist. She has created many training programs for stylist to hone their technical skills as well as being able to run a successful business.

Cathy Engle

Thank you for signing up for my Classic Haircutting Workshop. It's going to be a career changer!

If you didn't sign up, that's okay. This kind of commitment isn’t for everyone.


But if you’re still reading, I have a feeling you secretly want this kind of success even though right now you’re unsure if you’ve got what it takes.


I get it. It’s easy to want something but it’s not so easy to actually go for it. It takes courage and faith to leap into greatness.


Just know that when you do feel ready, I’ll be here to help you step into mastery and abundance.


In the meantime, I look forward to educating and inspiring you on social media, YouTube, my blog and with my other content. Be sure to follow me and sign up for my freebies.


You’re always welcome at On Point Hair Academy.



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